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Since this site is dedicated to help you find the latest web resources. I decided to put together a list of 10 Open source Social Bookmarking Platforms that will help you in your development of the next greatest Social Bookmarking Site. All descriptions below are taken from the developers of the software.

If you have any platforms you would like to add comment below. Feedback is always welcome.

  1. Akarru: Social BookMarking Engine
    “Akarru is a social bookmarking engine, used to build a social bookmarking sites, like Users posts links and promote links to front page using voting system.”
  2. Bookmark4U
    “Bookmark4U is an web-server application, which is based on Apache + PHP + MySQL. Bookmark4U is intended to provide a comfortable bookmarking environment for users.”
  3. CommunityNews
    “CommunityNews uses social bookmarking and Bayesian techniques to provide periodic postings to blogs. Users can vote for or against RSS sources ti increase the chances that the source is used again.
  4. ContARTE
    “ontARTE is a social bookmarking multiuser engine, is used to build social bookmarkings sites, like”
  5. GetBoo
    “Web 2.0 bookmarking system, both social (with tags) and private (with folders). Import and export your bookmarks from Firefox, IE, Mozilla, Netscape. Admin management section, translations, groups, bookmarklets, Firefox extension, RSS feeds, and more!” This is a very unique platform that is like Del.Icio.Us.
  6. Laicos – Social Bookmarking in ASP.Net
    “Laicos or social backwards is a social bookmarking website development application. Use this project to create a Digg style clone. In and MySQL environment.”
  7. Pligg
    “Pligg is Web 2.0 Content Management System (CMS) unlike any other existing CMS. The user interface gives your visitors a reason to come back to your site by making them decide on the site’s content and giving them the chance to build a social network.” Pligg is very similar to Digg but allows you to add you own content. This is one of my favorites.
  8. Scuttle: Open source social bookmarking
    “Scuttle is a free open source software for creating social bookmarking sites like You can create a social bookmarking site in minutes using scuttle for your personal or for community use. Scuttle supports most of the API, so you can modify the tools to work with scuttle. Import your existing bookmarks from browsers or from Scuttle has several AJAX features and it generates an RSS feeds.”
  9. Taggly
    “Taggly is an online social bookmarking software written with usability and scalability in mind.”
  10. Unalog
    “Open source bookmarking software written in the Python programming. You can get an account and add your own links, and create and join groups. If you get an account, or create a group, either one can be made private, so nobody but you (if a private account) or your fellow group members (if a private group) can see your links.”

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