List of JavaScript Tab Navigation Scripts

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This past weekend I’ve been working on a free Premium WordPress theme for you. I was looking for a good tab navigation script to add to the theme. To allow for better navigation and to add a cool feature to the theme. I found a tons of tab scripts with various frameworks. The list below is some very good tab scripts. Yetii – Yetii is an extremely light weight tab script. It is built with… Read more »

Collection of Web Based Text Editors

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Over the past few years I’ve been using FCKeditor as my internet text editor. I’ve recently been having some problems with FCKeditor because it is just to slow for some users. So I decided to look for a different editor. Now don’t get me wrong FCKeditor is a great text editor with so many features and it works with so many programing languages. But it was getting to the point for me that it just… Read more »

7 Password Strength Scripts

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Today password strength is extremely important to keep your data secure. As web developers/designers we need a way to show our users the strength of their password. Below is a list that will allow you to add a Password Strength meter to your website. Password Strength Meter like Google – This script is built with no framework. It works based on a point value that as you use different variations of letters, numbers and symbols… Read more »

How fast do you type?

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This is another fun post, as I am currently working on a free Premium WordPress Theme for all to download. Anyway, I found this website Speedtest that will track how fast you type.  Lets have a fun challenge lets see what you get.  Comment below your Words per Minute.

12 Step guide to SUCK at web design

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10 Step guide to suck at web design.

So you wanna suck at web design? Then read this guide to help achieve your goal. Call yourself a web designer when your only client is your mom. Learn web design from Myspace. You must build your site with tons of Javascript effects. Only build your websites using Front Page. Use Frames on every website you build. Make sure the graphics/photos you use on your website are all pixelated. You must use very annoying animated… Read more »