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In 2005 when Google implemented Google Suggest, Ajax took off. Every web developer was trying to duplicate what Google accomplished. Its now 2008 and there are tons of ways to accomplish Google Suggest. Below is a list of 10 Auto Complete Scripts with various frameworks. The list below is in no particular order.

  1. jqac – Is jQuery plugin for autocomplete. jqac is very easy to implement and has a scrollable suggests list. It also allows for multiple suggests support and is tested in all major browsers.
  2. AutoComplete (for Prototype) – This is a script built for the prototype framework and it allows multiple column support. It also is a very nice style built with it.
  3. YUI Autocomplete – This script is built with the Yahoo! UI Library. The AutoComplete features navigation of the suggestion box via up/down arrow keys. It is very easy to configure with the Yahoo! UI Library.
  4. AJAX autocomplete – Is built with Easy Ajax framework by Jim Roos. It features the the up and down navigation and is fairly easy to implement.
  5. Another AutoComplete (prototype) – This prototype framework autocomplete also uses scriptaculous. It has a nice fade in effect when the suggest box appears. It is easy to implement and works with XML data.
  6. AutoComplete (mootools) – A MooTools Autocomplete widget that creates a unobtrusive and customizable suggestion box from variable data sources. It also has nice fade in effect.
  7. dhtmlxCombo – Is a different from the rest of these. dhtmlxCombo can be used in four modes: an editable select box, a read-only select box, a filter drop down box, and an autocomplete. It also allows for you to add icons to your drop down boxes.
  8. AutoSuggest – This AutoSuggest script uses no frameworks. The script allows you to navigate either with the up or down arrows or just click. The script size is under 10k, it even has a fade in effect, and a great 2.0 style.
  9. Spry Auto Suggest – This Auto Suggest script is written with Adobe’s spry framework. It has works with all sorts of data formats and languages. It supports keyboard navigation and also allows for multiple suggestions.
  10. ASP.Net AutoComplete – This script allows you to add AutoComplete to ASP.Net without using a webservice. This is a great way to add Autocomplete feature to

If you would like to add more to this list then please comment below.

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