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Updated March 24

After looking for awhile for a script that will crop your image in the browser I decided to put a list together. I found various types of scripts that will accomplish this. The list below is a list of image cropping scripts.

  1. cfImageCropper – This script is written in Coldfusion. The Demo of this script works very well and the code is very simple to implement.
  2. jsCropper – This javascript image cropping script is based on the Prototype JavaScript framework and jsCropper is one of my favorite copping script. It is very easy to use and its a great unobtrusive script. jsCropper has tons of great features you should check it out.
  3. mooImageCrop – mooImageCrop is based on the mootools framework and php. It is very easy to implement.
  4. Image Crop – This is a great script written in Javascript and PHP. It requires the install of ImageMagick server component.
  5. Ajax Image Editor – Is a very powerful image editor script that allows you to crop, resize, and rotate the image. It is fairly easy to implement and it isn’t written with any frameworks.
  6. Flash Image Crop – Is a very nice flash image crop tool written in Actionscript and PHP. The only problem I have with this script is that you have to use the space bar to accept the cropped area and not the enter key. But overall it works very well.
  7. Flash Based Cropping tool – This tool is also written in Actionscript and PHP is a very nice script. You can also resize the image with this script.
  8. MooCrop -MooCrop is an Image Cropping utility that uses mootools javascript framework.  MooCrop works very fast and you can even edit the color of the mask.

As more cropping tools become available I will be adding to this list. If you have more to add now then please comment below.

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