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To begin I’d like to say that Google Analytics is a good web analytics program, but it doesn’t give me some features I need. The main feature I don’t like about Google Analytics is that the stats don’t come in real time or close to it. Also I’ve wanted to have all the stats on my own server. So if you didn’t read my last post I decided to go with Piwik. Piwik is an open source web analytics software that allows you to install on your own server and the data is stored in mySQL. Since Piwik is still in its alpha stage I am still using Google Analytics and I am also using the WordPress Stats Plugin.

Now on to the list. The list below is categorized by the tracking Code. Granted that some of these tools don’t work exactly like Google Analytics or have the same features, they are still good alternatives to Google Analytics.


  • AWStats – AWStats is a free powerful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically. There is no tracking code you must install on your website in order for AWStats to track users, It uses your server or hosting log to track your visitors. I have used AWStats in the past and it is a great tool.


  • Stuffed Tracker (Buy to Use) – Although Stuffed Tracker is a Analytics Software you must buy to use. It still has some great features like Click Fraud detection, Examine Exact Path Visitors Take, and you can track sales, downloads, and sign ups. The purchase cost is $99.95 for 5 websites. I am not sure but I think it allows for a Javascript Tracking code.
  • PHP-Stats – One of the best features of PHP-Stats is that you are able to see what pages your visitors view in order they do it. Another good feature is that you install it on your own server and all the stats are tracked on your server. The one reason why I didn’t choose this software is fact the forums and support are currently in French. But they are currently translating it in English.
  • SlimStat – SlimStat is a simple web stat analyzer. SlimStat was based on ShortStat which is not supported anymore. SlimStat is a fairly in depth that allows you to get IP addresses from visitors. The problem I have with Slimstat is that it doesn’t have any graphs, but then again it does reside on your server and gives you decent data to go through.
  • BBClone – BBclone is a web counter written in PHP and gives a detailed view of the visitors of your web site by displaying the number of pages a visitor has visited with the details of the browser and operating system. It gives you some very good details on your visitors. Thanks to Tim for bringing this to my attention.
    Stuffed Tracker


  • Clicky – Clicky is a web analyzer that works great with any web site, even Ajax and Flash sites. Clicky also allows you to fully modify your dashboard. Clicky is a free service for any website with under 1,000 page views per day. The Free service will put ads on your site. The next level up is the Blogger level that costs 3.99 a month. Clicky is a great service with many more features than Google Analytics.
  • StatCounter – StatCounter is a free Analytic software that tracks visitors in real time. StatCounter has no Ads. StatCounter is very similar to Google but a great alternative. I have used StatCounter in the past and have had no problems at all with it.
  • HitStats – HitStats is completely free with no limits, no ads, and real time web stats. HitStats will allow you to add a counter on your website. It has a great support forum for any questions. I haven’t tried HitStats but the backend the dashboard has some very beautiful graphs with some great data.
  • SiteMeter – SiteMeter is a real time website tracking tool. Sitemeter is about the same as everything else except that it allows you to view who is on your site now. It is a neat feature that could be pretty useful. It also has a counter that could go on your website.
  • Mint (Buy to Use)- Mint is a self-hosted web site analytics program. It costs $30 for a site license. A great feature that Mint has is that it allows you to track your RSS Feed subscriptions. It also subscribes names to users that visit your site so you can track these visitors.
  • W3Counter – is a web tracker for your website or blog. It has multiple plans that you can sign up for. The free signup is limited to 5,000 page views per day and one website. The cool thing about W3Counter is that it tracks visitors in real time and it tracks your RSS feedburner account. I’m not sure if the free version puts ads on. Also thank you Jimbo letting me know about this stat tracker.
  • Reinvigorate – Reinvigorate is very cool it streams website and blog events to you live, in real-time on to your desktop. It tells you exactly what page your visitors are on and there IP address. To get this working you must first register with the Beta, then download and Install Snoop which is the reinvigorate desktop application, and last input the Javascript code on your page. Thank you parrfolio for bringing this to our attention.


  • Mochibot – I decided to end with a tracking software different from the rest. MochiBot is a Flash traffic monitoring tool that tracks the performance of individual Flash content files no matter where they end up on the web. Mochibot is completely free and it works very easy. Just put some Actionscript code into your flash file and it will be ready to be tracked. If you have lots of Flash files than Mochibot is for you.

If you would like to add more please comment below are give your feedback. Feedback is always appreciated.

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