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So you wanna suck at web design? Then read this guide to help achieve your goal.

  1. Call yourself a web designer when your only client is your mom.
  2. Learn web design from Myspace.
  3. You must build your site with tons of Javascript effects.
  4. Only build your websites using Front Page.
  5. Use Frames on every website you build.
  6. Make sure the graphics/photos you use on your website are all pixelated.
  7. You must use very annoying animated gifs.
  8. Build your website with no clear or consistent navigation structure.
  9. Use tons of colors and fonts on your website.
  10. Play music or video on your website that you can’t turn off.
  11. Put pop-ups on your site.
  12. Put a Flash intro with no skip button
10 Step guide to suck at web design.


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