Top 7 List of free 50+ CSS Website Templates

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This is a list of a 7 free 50+ CSS website templates that will help you get started on building your website. This list will not only give you the CSS and HTML but some will also give you the graphic files. TemplateBox: 275 free website, logo, banner, and flash templates to accompany their collection of paid templates. Free CSS Templates: 270+ templates which is frequently updated with new submissions. Template Perfection: 230+ free templates… Read more »

$50 off Hosting at Hostican!

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I must say Hostican is the best web hosting company I’ve had. I’ve worked with tons of hosting companies over the years and been disappointed many times. When I first discovered them I was wary. I thought how can they offer a free domain name, have 6,500 GB monthly bandwidth, and 600 GB disk space for only $6.95 a month. It was just too good to be true. Well after searching the web for reviews… Read more »

10 Auto Complete Ajax Scripts

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In 2005 when Google implemented Google Suggest, Ajax took off. Every web developer was trying to duplicate what Google accomplished. Its now 2008 and there are tons of ways to accomplish Google Suggest. Below is a list of 10 Auto Complete Scripts with various frameworks. The list below is in no particular order. jqac – Is jQuery plugin for autocomplete. jqac is very easy to implement and has a scrollable suggests list. It also allows… Read more »

Create Beautiful Forms with Niceforms 1.0

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Lets face it creating your own beautiful user friendly forms is hard, but with Niceforms its a hole lot easier. Niceforms is a script that will replace the most commonly used form elements with custom designed ones. You can either use the default theme that is provided or you can develop your own look. Niceforms is incredibly easy to use and will help you create some very nice forms.

Speed up your website with PHP Speedy.

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PHP Speedy

PHP Speedy is a script that you can install on your web server to automatically speed up the download time of your web pages. If this works like it says this should be a standard upgrade to all websites.  There is also a PHP Speedy WP Plugin to speed up your wordpress site. I have yet to install the PHP Speedy Plugin but I will in a few days and I’ll give you an update.