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A couple of days ago when I wrote 14 CSS Tools to Save you Time I left some resources off that list because they weren’t CSS Tools, but they do save some time. The majority of these tools are generators that create all sorts of useful graphics. These tools range from Background generators to a rounded corner generators. Below is the list of Web 2.0 Generators.


  • Background Image Maker – Background Image Maker allows you to create backgrounds with the choice of stripes, gradients, and dot background style.
  • Stripe Designer – Stripe Designer allows you to create any type of stripe or texture you want, with any color you want.
  • Stripe Generator – Stripe Generator allows you to create a stripe background of any size and color. You can even add up to 5 colors for the stripes.
  • Tartan Maker – Tartan Maker which is created by the same people who did Stripe Generator allows you to create a yarn like design.

  • Web 2.0 Badges – Web 2.0 Badges lets you create all sorts of bursts and symbols with any text you want. It also lets you have gradients and very nice colors.
  • Fresh Badge – Fresh Badge is another badge creator that allows you to select different types of shapes, colors, text, text effects, and more. You can save the badge you create in png format.
  • Official Seal Generator – Official Seal Generator allows you to write text, choose a border, an emblem, and pick your colors to create an official looking seal for your website.

  • My Cool Button – My Cool Button is an online tool that you can create a button that you want. My Cool Button features 3 shapes, 50+ fonts, 170+ icons.
  • Buttonator – Buttonator is a button generator that allows you to create many different variations of buttons.
  • ButtonGenerator – ButtonGenerator allows you to create single buttons and has an option to buttons for navigation.


  • MakeWords – MakeWords is a domain name generator that creates random words that you either supply or you don’t. It lets you know what domain name is available.
  • NameBoy – NameBoy creates domain names based on a word that you want in your domain. It then tells you what domain is available.
  • Dot-o-mator – Dot-o-mator is a web 2.0 domain name generator that allows you to select words and then have it combine them to form a domain name.


  • Favicon Generator – Favicon Generator takes an image that you upload and makes it into a favicon.
  • – allows you to create a favicon icon online without having to upload any file.
  • Favicon Editor – FaviconEditor allows you to upload a photo or you can create a favicon.


  • Gradient Maker – Gradient Maker allows you to generate a gradient of 3 types, with instant previewing so you get exactly what you had in mind.
  • Gradient Texture Generator – Gradient Texture Generator allows you to create up to 4 different types of gradients with any colors that you want.
  • Online Gradient Image Maker and Button Generator – This generator is the most in depth I’ve seen it has so many different options. It is a must see for any one.

  • Web 2.0 Logo Creator – Web 2.0 Logo Creator generates a web 2.0 logo. All of the logos that this generator creates will have all the same styling.
  • Logo Creator – Logo Creator has a few different styles to choose from and it works pretty well.
  • Logo Generator – Logo Generator allows you to create logos with any color you want and with any background. You can even add a symbol to the logo.
  • Web 2.0 Stylr – Web 2.0 Stylr is another Logo creator that allows you to change the gradient of the text and the background color.

Rounded Corners

  • RoundedCornr – RoundedCornr is a very in depth rounded corner generator. RoundedCornr has 4 different types of rounded corners and the output gives you CSS and html.
  • Cornershop – Cornershop creates 4 rounded corner graphics and gives you the css and html to implement the corners. You specify the color and radius of the rounded corners you would like.

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