Understanding Web Typography

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Typography on the web is becoming more and more important. Which means that us web designers must fully understand Typography to get the most out of it. Typography is more than just deciding what fonts or font sizes to use. It is about placement, alignment, line height, spacing, and more. The resources below are some of the best ways on the web to learn about Web Typography. Articles Web Style Guide to Typography – This… Read more »

Flash SEO Resources

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Flash and SEO don’t entirely go hand in hand since Search Engines are limited to what they can search inside Flash files.  But there are still ways to optimize an entire Flash Site so that search engines can still view the content and to tell you the truth its fairly easy.  All you need is some knowledge in Actionscript and Javascript. To help you on your way to optimize your flash site the links and… Read more »

Free Photoshop Book from SitePoint

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If you haven’t heard,  SitePoint is giving away “The PhotoShop Anthology” for FREE.  Get it before it expires.  The book contains 9 Chapters, 270 pages and it is full color.  All you need to do is fill out your email address and they send you link to download the pdf.  Have fun with this freebie.

Best of the Best Free Icons

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As a web designer I love Icons. They make your sites/applications more user friendly and give them flare. Over the years there have been thousands of Icons that designers have created. The list below is some of the best Icons that will bring flare or uniqueness to your site/applications and best of all they are all free. Monofactor Icon Set 1 – These 25 Icons are very well done and whats best is that they… Read more »

Guide to Stay on Top of Web Design Trends

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5.15.08 Update Removed Some Images to improve load time. Let’s Face It, web design trends and fads come and go as fast as you can say the word “Trends”. Staying on top of web design trends can be difficult and time consuming, but it is extremely important to not be left behind. One of the best things any web designer can do is to learn the newest trends or fads and put your own spin… Read more »