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Great Accordion Scripts

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accordian scripts

Last Week NetTuts posted a great tutorial about Creating an Accordion Effect using Prototype and Scriptaculous javascript libraries. I thought that this post was very informative yet simple. So I scoured the internet for some great According Scripts that will accomplish this effect using various coding methods. Simple javascript Accordian – The Simple JavaScript accordion script is my favorite. It is very small script at about 1kb and it requires no frameworks. It works in… Read more »

10 Free Chart Scripts

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chart scripts

This week I’ve been working on a project that required data to be shown visually. I needed a Chart Script that was attractive yet gets the data across. The Charts scripts below are built using JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, and Java. Flot – Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery. The focus is on easy usage , attractive plots and interactive features. With Flot you can interact with the data, look at specific data… Read more »

125×125 Banner Advertising Rates 50% off this month

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Hey Everyone, For this Month Only 125×125 Banner Advertising Rates are 50% off. Thats $20 to advertise on WebTecker. The best deal you will find. Don’t miss this great opportunity to reach a broad range of Web Designers and Developers that visit WebTecker. Some other great benefits include a post announcing new advertisers and even weekly email reports. Below is WebTecker’s Current Stats: Unique Visitors: 62,000+ last month

Beginner jQuery Tutorials

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Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around posting last week. I’ve been really busy with freelance gigs and I haven’t had time to get to posting. Anyway one of my clients last week required some major Javascript/Ajax coding. I decided to go with the jQuery Framework since I’ve never used it and I’ve heard great things. The tutorials below are a great ways to start learning jQuery. 15 Days of jQuery – This site has… Read more »