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Last Month SEO Samba, a Web Marketing Software Company, Created a Free Open Source SEO CMS called SEO Toaster. SEO Toaster is a content management system (CMS) with an unique structure that allows for easy SEO implementation and marketing for multiple websites. SEO Toaster’s main advantages are:

  •  Automated Deep Linking
  •  Automated Link Sculpting using JavaScript and point and click link soiling
  •  Automated 301 redirects built upon page URL changes
  • Google Wheel key-phrase suggestions
  • Automated on-site SEO: Media tagging, link tagging, navigation/titles/headers alignment
  • Automated HTML and XML sitemaps creation
  • Easy to build with 2 CSS and 4 HTML templates for a theme
  • 50 Free Websites Themes available at

After downloading and installing SEO Toaster on a test server I found that the only problem I had was that it was hard to find the pages that I wanted to edit.  But after getting used to the “browse while you edit” feature I started to become easier.  If you are looking for a simple SEO CMS then SEO Toaster is for you.  Go and download and try it out.

Note: This is a paid review.