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Have you ever wanted to save an Embedded Video?  Because a couple of days ago I found this great browser add-on.  This add-on will allow you to download YouTube videos and any other embedded videos.  It’s called YouTube Videos Plus and it is available for Firefox, IE6, IE7 and IE8.  Click here to download YouTube Video Plus for free.   The browser add-on will add a toolbar to your browser. (View Image below)

In the Firefox version, you can disable the toolbar and still be able to download videos by right clicking on the page and going to Video Downloader.  After you download the add-on they have a great website to teach you how to use this add-on.

The one problem I see about the add-on is that the videos you download are in FLV format. So you will need to convert the videos to a usable format.  But it does have a translate option on the add-on that is very useful.

Anyway check out the add-on and tell us what you think.