List of Image Cropping Scripts

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Updated March 24 After looking for awhile for a script that will crop your image in the browser I decided to put a list together. I found various types of scripts that will accomplish this. The list below is a list of image cropping scripts. cfImageCropper – This script is written in Coldfusion. The Demo of this script works very well and the code is very simple to implement. jsCropper – This javascript image cropping… Read more »

Front End Flash Framework

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Gaia is a front-end Flash Framework designed to dramatically reduce development time. Gaia is targeted at anyone who develops Flash sites. It provides solutions to front-end Flash site development, such as navigation, transitions, preloading, asset management, site structure and deep linking. Gaia is fully integrated with the popular SWFObject and SWFAddress 2 javascript classes built right in for maximum compatibility right out of the gate. It also includes the popular TweenLite class. I’ve been looking… Read more »

Javascript and Flash Upload Library

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SWFUpload is a combination of JavaScript and Flash that provides advanced browser upload control. This includes an AJAX style upload with progress notifications, Multiple file selection, and upload control. This is an excellent library that is fairly easy to install. This is my favorite upload library it is very easy to edit and you will be able to edit the style to fit your website.

Free Flash Charting Component

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Open Flash Chart

Open Flash Chart is a great free Flash Chart. It is fairly easy to setup and is currently written in PHP, Perl, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, and .Net. Yes it is in flash but for dynamic database driven data you can use the languages it is written in. If you don’t want database driven data then you can use a .txt file. I highly recommend this Chart component for your site.