Javascript and Flash Upload Library

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SWFUpload is a combination of JavaScript and Flash that provides advanced browser upload control. This includes an AJAX style upload with progress notifications, Multiple file selection, and upload control. This is an excellent library that is fairly easy to install. This is my favorite upload library it is very easy to edit and you will be able to edit the style to fit your website.

Photoshop like DHTML Color Picker

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DHTML Color Picker

This is a light weight color picker that is very easy to use. It uses the least amount of code in comparison with it’s competitors: 3.5k of Javascript. DHTML Color Picker is one of the easiest scripts to use and I highly recommend it. It’s fully customizable and uses CSS and Javascript.

Unobtrusive Ajax Star Rating

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Star Rating

This is a great script that is created in PHP and requires mySql. The script is created by Masuga Design and is a great way to add rating functionality to your site. You can also set the number of rating units you want to use (i.e. 4 stars, 5 stars, or 10 stars) on a rater to rater basis. Note that this script isn’t tied to any specific system (such as WordPress), so you should… Read more »

Site Tour Creator

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Have you ever needed to create a Site Tour for your website or Web Application, But had a hard time doing. Well Amberjack is your Answer. Amberjack is a lightweight Open Source library for webmasters to create cool and customizable site tours. The Amberjack JavaScript library is lightweight (~4K), stable, LGPL licensed, browser compatible, set up in 2 minutes & super-easy to customize.

Pure Javascript Slide Show

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This cross-fade slide show created by Millstream is a very nice script. It requires the use of Prototype and Scriptaculous. Cross-fade comes with 4 transitions that you can select and you can have the slideshow start on your own. There is also Button Controls so you can go through the slide show manually. Cross-Fade is now on in version 4.1 so it is still supported. Since Flash gets lots of bad rap for SEO this… Read more »