Live Screen Capture Image

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If you haven’t heard of ThumbnailsPro then this is a great free script. All you need to do is add the code below and replace the in the image source code. It does take some time till the screenshot is processed, since it is a free service, but they do offer a subscription without the wait. <img src=”″ border=”0″ alt=”website screenshots”>

Add reflections to images without an image

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Have you ever wanted to add a reflection to your image without doing it in your favorite photo editing software? Well now you can with reflection.js written by Christian Effenberger. Reflection.js works well with logos, icons and dynamic image content such as forum avatars. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean and its very easy to implement. It works in all the major browsers and on older browsers your visitors won’t notice a… Read more »

Visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page

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If you ever wanted to see where visitors are clicking on your website then ClickHeat is for you. This is a very cool script that shows hot and cold click zones. Requires Javascript on the client to track clicks, PHP and GD on the server to log clicks and generate the heatmap. It is very easy to install and I recommend it to everyone. This script will help you optimize your site or page to… Read more »

Cross-Browser Gradient without Images

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slayeroffice Gradient

Yes that’s right you can create a gradient without using images and even better is that it works Cross Browser. The Javascript was written by slayeroffice and it is an easy script to implement. To create the gradient you must first add the Javascript to the top of the page. <script type=”text/javascript” src=”gradient.js”></script> Then add the following class to any element you wish. <class=”gradient ffffff 000000 vertical”> You can change anything after gradient. You may… Read more »

Add Style to your HTML Tables

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Add style to your HTML Tables use Tablecloth. Tablcloth is a wonderful script written by Alen Grakalic. This script allows you to highlight the rows and columns of any table with any style using CSS. It makes your tables very user friendly and it requires very little coding. Tablecloth only works when you are displaying tabular data. Tablecloth Features: Tablecloth will highlight rows or columns (or both). Tablecloth adds selected state on click. Based on… Read more »