SEO CMS for the Masses: Powerful and Easy to Use

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seo samba

Last Month SEO Samba, a Web Marketing Software Company, Created a Free Open Source SEO CMS called SEO Toaster. SEO Toaster is a content management system (CMS) with an unique structure that allows for easy SEO implementation and marketing for multiple websites. SEO Toaster’s main advantages are:  Automated Deep Linking  Automated Link Sculpting using JavaScript and point and click link soiling  Automated 301 redirects built upon page URL changes Google Wheel key-phrase suggestions Automated on-site SEO: Media tagging,… Read more »

15 Open Source CMS

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open source cms

Hey Everyone, There are tons of Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) available today. So it is hard to find what CMS is the best to use. This list of 15 Open Source CMS will help you in your quest to find a Content Management system that’s right for you.  This list is in no particular order. – Textpattern is an easy to use open source cms.  Textpattern is written in PHP and uses mysql… Read more »

10 Free Chart Scripts

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chart scripts

This week I’ve been working on a project that required data to be shown visually. I needed a Chart Script that was attractive yet gets the data across. The Charts scripts below are built using JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, and Java. Flot – Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery. The focus is on easy usage , attractive plots and interactive features. With Flot you can interact with the data, look at specific data… Read more »

8 Popular Open Source Forums

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open source forums

This week I am working on a project for a client and they requested a forum on their website. Being that I didn’t want my client to have to pay for a forum software. I found quite a few popular Open Source Forum software alternatives. The list below is a collection of 8 popular Open Source Forum software  that can run on any good web hosting. – phpBB is one of the most popular forum… Read more »

8 Best Open Source Shopping Carts

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open source shopping carts

Hey Everyone, On Sunday I was contacted by a client and they said the needed a shopping cart up by Monday. Since they needed this cart up so fast I went to the easiest solution I knew, Open Source Shopping Carts. I browsed through tons of shopping carts and put together a list of only the best carts.  The list is below. is robust, professional grade e-Commerce shopping cart that you can download, install, and… Read more »