Free Flash Charting Component

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Open Flash Chart

Open Flash Chart is a great free Flash Chart. It is fairly easy to setup and is currently written in PHP, Perl, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, and .Net. Yes it is in flash but for dynamic database driven data you can use the languages it is written in. If you don’t want database driven data then you can use a .txt file. I highly recommend this Chart component for your site.

Free Customer Support Help Desk Software

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Trellis Desk

If you are lacking in customer service or on your website then Trellis Desk is for you. Trellis Desk is a free powerful, feature-rich help desk software which helps increasing the quality of support given to your customers. Your customers will be able to submit Support Tickets and view the knowledgebase. This great software is completely free. Trellis Desk is written in PHP. Trellis Desk can cover all your support system with the following features:… Read more »

Live Screen Capture Image

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If you haven’t heard of ThumbnailsPro then this is a great free script. All you need to do is add the code below and replace the in the image source code. It does take some time till the screenshot is processed, since it is a free service, but they do offer a subscription without the wait. <img src=”″ border=”0″ alt=”website screenshots”>

Visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page

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If you ever wanted to see where visitors are clicking on your website then ClickHeat is for you. This is a very cool script that shows hot and cold click zones. Requires Javascript on the client to track clicks, PHP and GD on the server to log clicks and generate the heatmap. It is very easy to install and I recommend it to everyone. This script will help you optimize your site or page to… Read more »