Edit your website In Real time

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CSSFly allows you to edit your HTML and CSS of your demanded Website and opens a frameset with two frames. Once you are done editing the content frame will refresh with the edits that you have done. This is a great tool to test your website.

3d-Box Maker

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3d Box

If you ever needed to create a box for your web application then 3d-Package is for you All you need to do is upload the front, side, and top image of your box. You no longer need to create the dimensions yourself. You can create a Software Box, a CD Cover, and a DVD Cover.

Open Source Photo Gallery

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If you haven’t heard of Plogger than this is for you. Plogger is an open-source photo gallery system it is very simple yet very powerful. Integrating Plogger into your website is very easy and only requires three lines of PHP, after you configure it on your server. Plogger gallery has a full XML generator and you can fully customize Plogger to look like your site.

30 Free Email Templates

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Campaign Monitor

If you have ever had problems getting your HTML emails to look good in all the major email clients then these templates are for you. These 30 templates are created by Campaign Monitor and they have tested them all the major email clients. Grab all of these templates and add your content.

10 Open Source Social Bookmarking Platforms

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Since this site is dedicated to help you find the latest web resources. I decided to put together a list of 10 Open source Social Bookmarking Platforms that will help you in your development of the next greatest Social Bookmarking Site. All descriptions below are taken from the developers of the software. If you have any platforms you would like to add comment below. Feedback is always welcome. Akarru: Social BookMarking Engine “Akarru is a… Read more »