14 CSS Tools to Save you Time

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As a web designer/developer you must continue to find ways to reduce the time it takes to design/develop websites. This is very important to improve your productivity and to maximize your profits. The CSS Tools below, which are categorized by function, are here to save you time designing websites. Optimizer/Formatter CSSTidy – CSS Tidy is an open source CSS parser and optimiser. CleanCSS – CleanCSS is a powerful CSS optimizer and formatter. Based on CSSTidy… Read more »

List of Google Analytics Alternatives

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To begin I’d like to say that Google Analytics is a good web analytics program, but it doesn’t give me some features I need. The main feature I don’t like about Google Analytics is that the stats don’t come in real time or close to it. Also I’ve wanted to have all the stats on my own server. So if you didn’t read my last post I decided to go with Piwik. Piwik is an… Read more »

3d-Box Maker

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3d Box

If you ever needed to create a box for your web application then 3d-Package is for you All you need to do is upload the front, side, and top image of your box. You no longer need to create the dimensions yourself. You can create a Software Box, a CD Cover, and a DVD Cover.

Free Customer Support Help Desk Software

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Trellis Desk

If you are lacking in customer service or on your website then Trellis Desk is for you. Trellis Desk is a free powerful, feature-rich help desk software which helps increasing the quality of support given to your customers. Your customers will be able to submit Support Tickets and view the knowledgebase. This great software is completely free. Trellis Desk is written in PHP. Trellis Desk can cover all your support system with the following features:… Read more »

Create an .htaccess File Online

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htaccess Editor

This is a great tool for any webmaster. You no longer need to write your own .htaccess file with .htaccess Editor. This is a very easy tool to use and you no longer need to know complex coding for the more complex .htaccess files.