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I must say Hostican is the best web hosting company I’ve had. I’ve worked with tons of hosting companies over the years and been disappointed many times. When I first discovered them I was wary. I thought how can they offer a free domain name, have 6,500 GB monthly bandwidth, and 600 GB disk space for only $6.95 a month. It was just too good to be true. Well after searching the web for reviews I saw nothing but good things. I decided to give it a try and well I love it. Right after I ordered my package I got a phone call from them asking if I have any questions or help. This was a shock for me because number 1 I wasn’t expecting it and number 2 I’ve never had a hosting company call me to ask if I have questions or need help.

Well enough of my story here is the coupon code to save you $50: TAKE50-12Sign Up today to take advantage of this huge savings.


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