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Today password strength is extremely important to keep your data secure. As web developers/designers we need a way to show our users the strength of their password. Below is a list that will allow you to add a Password Strength meter to your website.

  • Password Strength Meter like Google – This script is built with no framework. It works based on a point value that as you use different variations of letters, numbers and symbols your password will be stronger. This script is completely free to use on any project you wish.
    Password Strength Meter Like Google
  • Password Meter – Password Meter is built on top of the EXT JavaScript library. It has a very nice animated meter that goes up as you type. It does all of the normal checking of the different variations of upper/lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Password Strength Meter – This Password Strength Meter is based on a point system. Its main goal is to help the end user with a stronger password. It is very detailed and it might be over detailed but it is one of the best I’ve seen. It is also written with no framework.
  • ColdFusion Password Strength – This Password Strength meter works fairly well. When you first type in the password field it tells you what you need to make a strong password. Since I haven’t seen another ColdFusion Password Strength scripts I think this would be a nice add for ColdFusion Developers.
    ColdFusion Password Strength
  • Prototype/Scriptaculous Password Strength Meter – This script is written with prototype and scriptaculous. It is a very strong password strength script works very similar to all the others. It uses a point system to calculate the strength of your password.
    Prototype Password Strength Meter
  • JQuery Password Strength Meter – Password Strength Meter is a jQuery plug-in that provides a smart algorithm to detect a passwords strength. The Password strength works on a point structure that if you pass a certain test than more points will be added and in turn your password will be more secure.
    JQuery Password Strength Meter
  • Another JQuery Password Strength Meter – JQuery password strength meter is a small plugin to jQuery that provides an easy way to show the strength of a user’s (intended) password. It is very easy to implement and I think you should check it out.
    JQuery Psw strength

If you have any more scripts please comment below.

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