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About a week ago I wrote a list of 7 Password Strength Scripts, which got me thinking about password management. I personally have about 15 passwords that I use on a regular basis and a few others. I usually do fine with remembering my passwords but sometimes I forget. When I forget I usually do the forget your password routine and that takes time. Since I was fed up with forgetting my passwords I decided to search for an online password manager. The reason I chose an internet based password manager is the fact that I don’t want to carry my passwords around with me. Below is a list of free password managers.

  • PassPack – With PassPack you can quickly login to websites, as well as organize and store logins and private notes. PassPack is very secure and when I first signed up I was surprised at how easy it was. PassPack even allows you to Import, Export, Backup and Restore your data.
  • PasswordSafe – Password Safe has been around since 1998 and offers a quick and easy solution to the problem of too many username / password combinations to remember. Your username and passwords are encrypted before it is passed across the internet and it is also encrypted in the database. Password Safe even comes with a desktop application. The interface–wisely free of JavaScript–is uncluttered, has a search function and a password generator, and lets you create categories.
  • Agatra – Agatra is a Password Manager that uses AES SSL certificate for all pages that require or display sensitive information. This is the highest security available. You don’t need to worry about anyone getting into your passwords. For the most popular sites, Agatra will automatically log you in.
  • Clipperz – Clipperz is a password manager that not only stores passwords but it also stores credit card numbers, account numbers, anything really. Local encryption within the browser guarantees that no one except you can read your data. Not even Clipperz knows what your password is.
  • eSecureKey – eSecureKey will help you manage your private sensitive data online without sacrificing your privacy.  eSecurKey uses a secure key to encode and decode data.  This is different from a password because without you won’t be able to read your data.
  • Passlet – Passlet is a online password manager, currently in beta. It  encrypts the data by deriving 128-bit AES key from your master password.   It is very secure  and easy to use.

If you would like to add to this list please comment below.

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