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After learning a few programing languages it gets hard remembering all of the functions and properties that programing languages come with. Below is a list of Cheat sheets to make your coding experience much easier and faster. The list is categorized by languages.


Ajax/JavaScript Frameworks



C# and VB.NET




  • SQL Cheat Sheet – A very Basic SQL Cheat sheet but gives you all the necessary data.
  • SQL Server Cheat Sheet – Cheat Sheet to Microsoft’s SQL Server.
  • MySQL Cheat Sheet – A quick reference guide for MySQL, including functions (both in MySQL and PHP), data types, and sample queries.


If you have any more to add to this list than please comment below. Also if you would like other languages added please comment below

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40 thoughts on “Programing Cheat Sheets

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  5. @Daniel – thanks for letting me know. I updated MooTools cheat sheet for version 1.1.

    Thank you John and Geoserv for the compliments.

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  8. Excellent…

    Cool Cheat Sheets reference. I like seeing Javascript, CSS and DHTML/HTML related cheat sheets. Specifically javascript based kitchen sink framework related cheatsheets are good and glad they can be found at one place.

    Thanks, Keep it up.

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