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This weekend I was helping a friend with his Flash website.  Now, I don’t consider myself an expert in Actionscript, especially the new AS 3.   But there are tons of resources/tutorials to help you along the way to create the effects that you want/require.  I’ve been using majority of these sites for a long time to learn and to improve the flash sites that I create.  Check out the list below of Flash Resources/Tutorials.

  • – Flash Kit is one of the biggest Flash Development Resource community sites.  Flash Kit contains Flash files, Tutorials, Sound FX, and Sound Loops.  It is my favorite resource site that I’ve been using for many years.
  • – is another great site that focusing on obviously actionscript coding.  It has tons of great tutorials and has a great forum.
  • – Pixel2Life is one of the biggest tutorial resource sites on the net.  It has tons of flash tutorials to help you learn and improve your skills.  This is a must see.
  • – is a great video flash tutorial site.  The tutorials on this site are very detailed and very useful.
  • – kirupa is another tutorial site with very nicely categorized tutorials.  It even has game development tutorials for flash.
  • – UltraShock is very beautiful website that has a great forum.  UltraShock also has flash files, but they charge you for these files.
  • – is a useful website that contains a cheat sheet for actionscript.

If you have any Flash Resource/Tutorial websites that you use please comment below.

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