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Typography on the web is becoming more and more important. Which means that us web designers must fully understand Typography to get the most out of it. Typography is more than just deciding what fonts or font sizes to use. It is about placement, alignment, line height, spacing, and more. The resources below are some of the best ways on the web to learn about Web Typography.


  • Web Style Guide to Typography – This a very in depth guide to web Typography. It explains the characteristics of type, and goes in to great detail about alignment, line length, white space, typefaces, type size, Case, and emphasis.
  • The Principles of Beautiful Typography – This is a great article that is actually an except of the book The Principles of Beautiful Web Design. This article goes into details about fonts, letterforms, spacing, text size, and more. Its a great and informative read.
  • – This is a great guide that is still being written with some awesome content. The guide deals with CSS and text for the web.
  • Web Typography – This is a nice introduction to typography explaining font classifications and online usage for the text.
  • A List Apart Typography Articles – A List Apart has 14 articles about the importance and usage of Typography. This is a great list of articles.
  • Web Typography Cheat Sheet – This article gives you five typography tips to keep in mind when you are designing a website.

Resource Sites

  • – Is a great typography resource site/ community that is dedicated to fonts, typefaces, and everything related to Typography. I love Typography even wrote a great guide called A Guide to Web Typography.
  • – Is a great online Typography community that will be able to answer any question that you have about type or typefaces.
  • Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents – This is a great little resource to help you find what fonts you can and can’t use.


  • Typesites – Is an inspirational gallery that reviews amazing sites showing you great examples of typography.
  • The Showcase Of BIG Typography – This list is by Smashing Magazine and has tons of great examples of amazing Typography.

If there are more resources you wish to ad to this list please comment below.

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