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Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around posting last week. I’ve been really busy with freelance gigs and I haven’t had time to get to posting. Anyway one of my clients last week required some major Javascript/Ajax coding. I decided to go with the jQuery Framework since I’ve never used it and I’ve heard great things. The tutorials below are a great ways to start learning jQuery.

  • 15 Days of jQuery – This site has some great jQuery tutorials with example code. If you are just starting out with jQuery this is great place to start.
  • – Learning jQuery is a great blog with tutorials/examples from basic to advanced skill level.
  • jQuery for Designers – Has some great tutorials showing you more intermediate tutorials. jQuery For designers is a great site you should check it out.
  • How jQuery Works – A great tutorial about the basics of jQuery
  • jQuery Tutorials for Designers – This is a excellent post by Web Designer Wall that contains 10 visual tutorials on jQuery.
  • jQuery in 15 minutes – This slideshow is a very good intro to jquery. I’ve embedded the slide show below.
  • jQuery Cheat Sheet – This is a great Cheat sheet that is available on your iphone or ipod and is also in png format. It goes over just about everything and is a great to have nearby.

If you have more tutorials that have helped you learn jQuery please comment below

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