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Being that it is Friday and I really want the weekend to come. I put together a list of Websites with Flash Games and Videos for you to waste time and have fun.

  • – Miniclip is one of the most popular Flash game websites. With titles like Motherload, Heli Attack, Club Penguin, and the popular Runescape you will be having fun and wasting time. If you feel like wasting time then you must check this site out.
  • – Free Arcade is one of my personal favorites. The reason why is because they have this game called Jet Slalom that I’ve spent countless hours on. This game is so simple but fun. This is a must check out.
  • – Addicting Games is exactly what the title says, Addicting. This is a very fun website that I’ve spent some time on. Addicting Games has some really good sports and action games.
  • – Newgrounds has various flash games, movies, and all sorts of flash entertainment. It is very entertaining and if you haven’t checked it then it is a must.
  • – Daily Arcade is a website I’ve visited occasionally this year and it does have some pretty fun games. This site does have some duplicate games from other sites but the majority of the Flash arcade sites do duplicate. But it is a good site you should check out.
  • – Albino Blacksheep is definitely the way to end this list. If you haven’t heard about Albino Blacksheep then you must check them out. They have lots of fun flash files that include games and videos. They even have some very funny parodies.

If you have any more to add to this list then please comment below.

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