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Last Week NetTuts posted a great tutorial about Creating an Accordion Effect using Prototype and Scriptaculous javascript libraries. I thought that this post was very informative yet simple. So I scoured the internet for some great According Scripts that will accomplish this effect using various coding methods.

  • Simple javascript Accordian – The Simple JavaScript accordion script is my favorite. It is very small script at about 1kb and it requires no frameworks. It works in all browsers and it is very easy to integrate.
  • jQuery Accordion Plugin– This jQuery Plugin creates an Accordion that allows for nested lists, definition lists, and nested divs. The plugin requiresjQuery and the dimensions plugin.
  • jQuery Horizontal Accordion – This is another jQuery Plugin but the accordion is horizontal. It is very similar to the XBOX 360 interface. This plugin requires you use the interface plugin.
  • MooTools Accordion – This MooTools Accordion script is very nice script that is very easy to implement. There is no additional plugins that you need to get this script to work. The one problem with this is that there is no support for this script. But you can easily figure out how to integrate by viewing the source code.
  • Horizontal JavaScript Accordion – This script requires no JavaScript frameworks and is just 1kb. It has been tested in all major browsers. This is a great an easy script to implement.
  • Accordion v2.0 – This accordion script is built with Prototype and Scriptaculous. This script handles both horizontal and vertical accordions. It can even have an accordion inside an accordion. You should check this out.
  • EXT Accordion Widget – This Accordion uses the EXT JavaScript Library. Whats really cool about this accordion is that you can drag and drop the accordion slides into new positions.
  • Spry Accordion – The Spry Accordion comes with tons of different options and effects. It is very easy to implement with Dreamweaver but if you don’t have dreamweaver it is still pretty straight forward. If you don’t have dreamweaver then you can download Spry here.

If you know of any other Accordion scripts that are not here please comment. Thank you for your continued support.

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