Top 7 List of free 50+ CSS Website Templates

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This is a list of a 7 free 50+ CSS website templates that will help you get started on building your website. This list will not only give you the CSS and HTML but some will also give you the graphic files. TemplateBox: 275 free website, logo, banner, and flash templates to accompany their collection of paid templates. Free CSS Templates: 270+ templates which is frequently updated with new submissions. Template Perfection: 230+ free templates… Read more »

Create Beautiful Forms with Niceforms 1.0

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Lets face it creating your own beautiful user friendly forms is hard, but with Niceforms its a hole lot easier. Niceforms is a script that will replace the most commonly used form elements with custom designed ones. You can either use the default theme that is provided or you can develop your own look. Niceforms is incredibly easy to use and will help you create some very nice forms.

Photoshop like DHTML Color Picker

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DHTML Color Picker

This is a light weight color picker that is very easy to use. It uses the least amount of code in comparison with it’s competitors: 3.5k of Javascript. DHTML Color Picker is one of the easiest scripts to use and I highly recommend it. It’s fully customizable and uses CSS and Javascript.

Pure CSS Footer

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We’ve all had problems with getting the Footer to always stay on the bottom of the page. Now that problem is gone with Sicky-Footer written by Ryan Fait. This is very easy to implement and with minimum coding for both the CSS and HTML. It works in all browsers IE 5 and up, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

CSS3 Opacity Property

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If you haven’t heard, you can create an opacity for an image in CSS3 without using JavaScript or any hack. To see the whole image use opacity:1.0 and to see nothing use opacity:0.0;. In order for the opacity to work in IE you must use filter:alpha(opacity=100).  For CSS opacity to work in the browser it must have some placement specified, like float:left and that works for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The code is… Read more »